Let’s Go to Support UM Staff – Summer Sports Carnival 2018 – 8 Jul (Sun): 15:00 at Olympic Sports Centre – Hockey Field

UM Men’s Basketball Team and Women’s Basketball Team will participate in “International University and Youth Basketball Tournament : ICBC Cup” from 28 Jun to 2 Jul at UM Sports Complex (N8)

“2017-2018 Macau University Volleyball Championship” – 16 Jun (Sat) at Training Hall, UM Sports Complex (N8), Men’s Group (09:30 – UM vs USJ; 13:00 – UM vs IPM); Women’s Group (09:30 – UM vs IPM; 11:00 – UM vs IFT)

Sports Interest Courses for Jul-Aug 2018 (Application deadline: on or before 1pm, 22 Jun)

Let’s Do Exercise Together: 2018 World Challenge Day, 5:30-5:45pm, Multi-Function Hall (N1) on 30 May

UMSU Archery Association – Archery Basic Course (Class A & Class B; Reg Deadline: 1 Jun for Class A and 4 Jun for Class B)